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  1. DURATEC Ti-VCT Performance (2012-Current)
    Hey guys, pretty new here and looking to get into the focus modding game. Love my car, it's a 2.0L N/A 2012 focus mk3 sedan. Here in Australia it's called the trend, which is equivalent to the SE for you Americans I think? Either way, just want to know if the K&N Air Filter Assembly - KN57S4000...
  2. DURATEC Ti-VCT & EcoBoost Ti-VCT Parts (2012-Pres)
    I sold my 2013 Focus SE, so now I am selling the K&N intake I had in it (specifically, this one). The intake had been in the car for about 4000 miles. The filter is as clean as when I put it in. Here is the kit packed up and ready to go. All pieces are accounted for. It costs $300 new, and...
  3. MK3 Body Parts/Interior/Electronics & Acc '12-Pres
    [:)][:)][:)][:)][:)][:)]SOLD[:)][:)][:)][:)][:)][:)] Sold my focus. I figure someone here will want this. It was on my car for about a year. The filter still looks new. This is the kit with the open-end filter and the raised lid. This kit creates a decent SOTP improvement as well as an...
  4. DURATEC Ti-VCT & EcoBoost Ti-VCT Parts (2012-Pres)
    I'll be selling my focus tomorrow, or possibly as late as this weekend and have some parts to sell. PM me if interested! Local pickup is preferred, but i'm willing to ship at the buyer's cost. Parts are located in LA/Riverside county, CA. I live near Corona and work in Monterey park so i could...
  5. DURATEC Performance (2008-2011)
    One of the first aftermarket parts folks like to install on their cars are aftermarket intakes. An aftermarket intake in most cases removes the stock airbox and replaces it with more of a free flowing setup. In this Topic I will go over what kind of intakes are out there and the pros and cons of...
  6. ZETEC Performance (2000-2004)
    alright so i just bought and cold air intake from ebay just got it put on tonight i love it but i'm wondering is would a K&N air filter be better than the one it came with which is just a cheap air filer would i get better performance or does it really not matter? and over all whats the difference?
1-6 of 8 Results