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hid headlight

  1. Aftermarket HID Headlights Are On At All Times, Cannot Be Shut Off.

    MK3 Focus
    I have a 2015 Ford Focus SE Hatchback. When I bought the car one of the first things I did was put aftermarket HID Headlight bulbs in. I got the Lumens HID Kit (Lumens HPL Xenon HID Kit). On of the issues I have with them is they stay on all the time..... as in when the car is on, they are on...
  2. Blown Fuse, Blown Headlight

    MK1 Focus
    So my HID headlight went out and I checked my Fuse, it was blown. Replaced the fuse blows instantly. My headlight has also blown. I don't want to put in the new headlight with fear that it might blow and I waste the money. Any Ideas. Also I cant find any grounding problems, which was my first...