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  1. 2003 ZX5 Electrical Problems

    General Technical Chat
    So I go to the skatepark and when I’m leaving my car won’t start so I’m like sick gotta get jumped... Well my dad pulls up to help out we jump it off and with in a minute my gauge cluster dies and then another 30 seconds maybe the car dies. I just spent a solid $200 at the shop to get all the...

    MK1 Focus
    I have an 06 focus zx4 2.0L duratech. It’s been sitting for about 3-4 months because of a bad battery. After replacing the battery, spark plugs and coil packs (Ran rough before it sat) I tried cranking it over. It cranks about 4 times then the engine won’t turn over any more, I removed the plugs...
  3. Bumper Question

    MK3 Focus
    Hey all, I'm a complete newb when it comes to Focuses, so I was hoping someone could give me some advice. When I bought my car, the previous owner had had a very minor fender bender, which left the front bumper cracked. I'm planning on replacing it, but I'm not sure if the bumper I'm...
  4. Need help figuring out what this does

    Focus SVT
    So I've owned this car for a few years and when I bought it it ran like crap because it had a bunch of vaccum leaks so I fixed all of them but one. I partially fixed the problem but I would like to fix it correctly. So when I got it the guy had a small hose connecting a metal vacuum hose to this...
  5. Engine Malfunction, service now! With the power mirrors Focus 2012

    General Technical Chat
    Hello, i'm new in this forum and i dont speak a lot of english but i don't know where to go, ok, my problem is when i try to move the power mirrors, the interior light fuse blowns out i get the error "Engine malfunction, service now" and all the screens turns off. Only the A/C stay on, but...
  6. Door Handle Assembley ?? PLZ help

    General Technical Chat
    so heres my problem... have a 2000 zx3. the door handle looks a little messed up but would always work if i gave it a good yank... now i gotta go through the passenger side and open it from the inside. and its just gotten to be a pain in the as and quite embarrassing.... so i have my door...