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  1. MK3 Focus
    I am currently driving a 2014 focus titanium and last week went to swap out the halogen headlights and fog lights to LEDs as I have recently found myself driving a fair bit on dark rural roads. The low beams and fog lights have had no issues since install however when installing the high beams I...
  2. MK3 Focus
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  3. Ford Focus Builds & General Showroom
    Does anyone know of anywhere that sells JUST the lens part of the headlight? My ST170s are getting very foggy and I would rather replace them than spend money repairing them. Yes, I have opened my headlights up before so I understand the process/time required to do this and if these were...
  4. General Technical Chat
    Hi I have no idea what to do, my low beams wont come on and I'm slightly going crazy. My father worked on cars and taught me what I know, but on Feb 9th it will have been a year since he passed and I'm so lost without him. I've checked the fuses, no issues... took apart switch and reconnected it...
  5. MK1 Focus
    So I've been looking to buy the bulbs I need for my ST170's and I came across these LED bulbs for the city light. Has anyone every used a LED for the city light bulb? It does stipulate on the superbright website that the bulbs should not be used in headlight housings because of the heat...
  6. My Car

    My Car

    Sylvania cool blue low beam shot with iphone 3gs 3 meg camera with auto adjust
  7. MK1 Focus
    Got the headlights in, not that difficult. The LED turn signal conversion though.... NOT. Even with the load equalizers, they still acted wierd. different things happening with different variables (park lamps, left right, led rear only, led front only, Loads with Leds only, loads with both etc)...
  8. MK1 Focus
    I have noticed a few cars with tinted head lights or tail lights, how big of a lighting difference does it make. and i would think its a fix it ticket here in ca. saying how strict the road rules are.
  9. Mean headlight

    Mean headlight

    Mean look with eyebrow
  10. headlight


    I love my homemade eyelids