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  1. General Technical Chat
    The locking mechanism of the hatch on a 2007 wagon has a backpack strap caught in it. It won't release. The interior panel looks like it can be unscrewed and removed while the hatch is closed, but I don't know for sure. If I were to remove it and get inside the panel, is there an emergency...
  2. MK1 Focus
    Ran into a problem today where the button on my 2004 focus ztw hatch won't work, but the interior button on the dash works, and the button on the fob works as well. Was just wondering if anyone has run into this before or might be able to point me in the right place to start looking.
  3. MK1 Focus
    Hey guys! I have a 2006 Focus Hatch 2.0 Duratec, and I was looking for a adjustable coilover for him, I drive him just on the weekends but I'm also thinking on getting something to give more stability on cornering. The problem is that I need it to be adjustable because of a problem here in my...
  4. General Technical Chat
    This car has been acting crazy for over a year now. It's my 2003 Focus wagon with the 2.3 Duratec. The dash lights: engine light, door ajar, seat belt, airbag, abs, and whatever other lights all light up and flicker even without the key in the ignition, and the BCM/GEM beeps randomly when the...
1-19 of 25 Results