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  1. General Forced Induction
    Top Speed is proud to have recently become a Garrett Certified Kit Manufacturer. We have always tried to build the highest quality, most reliable kits available and with this certification we hope if further reassures our customers that they are getting the best products available when they buy...
  2. General Forced Induction
    Well we finally got some in, so I decided to take a few pictures and introduce you them. [/IMG] We are very excited about these new turbos, and one GTX3076 is destined to be installed on a customers focus build very soon. So expect to see some pretty interesting dynocharts! These...
  3. DURATEC Performance (2008-2011)
    Top Speed is proud to offer Garrett turbochargers to all of our customers. We feel Garrett builds the most dependable turbochargers on the market and they outperform the competition on a regular basis. This is why you will find a genuine Garrett unit in ALL of our turbo kits. We sell Garrett's...
1-3 of 6 Results