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  1. Austin meets

    Fanatics: Texas
    Well, Spring is almost upon Us, and Tom and I agree, it is due time Austin Focus owners crawled out from under Our respective rocks and showed Our faces again! For now, Thursday evening seems to be a good time for about 3 of Us so far. So, starting, say in 2-3 weeks We will start meeting up at...
  2. *NJ* Meet Up POLL

    Mid Atlantic Fanatics
    So, maybe this will be easier to get everyone's input on our current attempt for a Jersey meet? [scratch] Sorry, I realize now I should have clicked "allow multiple choices" [xx(] (And, I don't see where I can edit the Poll.) So just pick your most ideal date & place =p
  3. G2G/13th annual Canned food drive at Bremerton Raceway/ G2G

    North West Fanatics
    September is going to be a busy month for racing for me with 2 points races and a season finale. I figured that It would be cool though if a bunch of us went to the race track For the 13th annual Canned food drive/Kitsap muffler and brakes fall classic race and custom car, hot harley and bike...
  4. Southern California Stickied Threads (READ FIRST!)

    Fanatics: SoCal
    These are all the stickied threads for the Southern California Region. Please contact OrangeSVTguy if you'd like to have your thread stickied here. Must Read: **Sightings** SoCal SoCal Crew List [SoCal] Where you at? Official SoCal Randomness & BS Thread Current & Upcoming G2Gs: Our Weekly...
  5. Nor*Cal Wingstop G2G

    Fanatics: NorCal
    So for those nor calers that are to lazy to read thourgh the other thread here it is. All the 411 right here. When: March 7 12 noon [whip] Where: Wingstop at 8 mile and I5 [thumb] Why: why the f-nut not. [headbang] How: Rolling in the foci [woot] Who: 1.norcalfocus01 (I am rolling on...