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  1. Want To Buy
    I’m looking to buy an SVT front bumper in fairly good condition. The SVT I’m restoring has the front bumper too damaged to repair, so hopefully someone has one in a lot better shape. Let me know what you have and show me pics and we can negotiate.
    $250 USD
  2. Brakes, Suspension & Body Chassis
    Have a 2010 ford focus SEL, when I press the brakes the front ABS engages and I can hear it and feel it in the pedal. This happens at any speed, no ABS lights shows up on the dash while its happening. When I pull the ABS fuse the car brakes normally. I already replaced both front abs sensors and...
  3. Brakes & Suspension
    SOLD Item Description: KYB AGX Adjustable Stocks and struts (Fits 00-05 Focus) Used for less than 1.5K miles in bay area california. Location: Milpitas, CA Asking Price: $220 + Shipping Any Related Photos: coming up Person placing ad: Navi Contact Information: PM me KYB AGX externally...
  4. MK1 Focus
    So I was bored and decide to paint my calipers and drums. I would suggest against white because of brake dust and it's little ricy on tiny stock brakes in my opinion. Go for black or gray. That's what I would do if I were to do it over again. Disclaimer: There is a small but nonzero chance...
  5. MK1 Focus
    So i just got my bumper and it did not come with any instructions or fog lights. My old bumper on my zx3 had fogs so i am assuming i just put new fogs in a wire as such. But i was doing some research and saw this. Does the roush fogs require special wiring? I know their bigger than the stock 05+...
1-5 of 12 Results