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    Automatic 270,XXX miles 3rd owner Never wrecked Reliable and Dependable
  2. MK1 Focus
    Hello there, how are you guys? I am from Portugal and I got this focus mk1,5 1.6 since 2014 and want to share it on this great group :) I will share photo of the "evolution" of this project so far :p 2014 : First little mod : Now the car is like this :
  3. MK3 Focus
    Ok so I got a question regarding my 2013 Ford focus titanium clutch. It will not engage in first, third nor fifth gear. The connections are all still connected the clutch cables are ok I don’t know what’s going on?
  4. ZETEC Performance (2000-2004)
    Wondering if you can put 05 housing on 04 housing
  5. General Technical Chat
    I've had a series of issues over the last 8 months across two different cars, the first being a '07 plate Peugeot 207 and the latter being a '62 plate Ford Focus (Titanium). The reason I'm mentioning the Peugeot is because the exact same faults have now occurred on both vehicles. Last Autumn, I...
  6. General Technical Chat
    Hi Guys, wondering if you guys have had any experience with this issue/weirdness before. Basically a couple weeks ago as I started the car up in the freezing cold, the airbag warning light came on and wouldnt go away. I did an entire drive to Asda and back and it was on the whole time, the next...
  7. Brakes, Suspension & Body Chassis
    Hello I am currently trying to order front lower control arms for my car and am just wondering if the control arms are different between the models? Any replies would be greatly appreciated.
  8. MK1 Focus
    So I have a Ford Focus first gen, 2005 zx4 to be exact and I have this issue where I put the key in and I turn it and nothing happens. No lights, no crank or start. I recently replaced the battery, alternator and positive and negative cables and still nothing. I was thinking it may be a fuse or...
  9. DURATEC Performance (2008-2011)
    Hi guys. I really need some advice. I have a Ford Focus 1.8 from 2010 - it has the DURAtec HE engine. Recently my CAT has been giving issues, and as I live in South Africa where the fuel is so dirty, it doesn't really make sense in having one as they get clogged up so easily. As I need to sort...
  10. MK1 Focus
    So I have a 2005 Ford Focus zx4 sedan. And I I’ve had this thing for years but never bothered to work on it until recently. My current issue with the car is that it won’t start at all. When I put the key key in, i don’t even get any lights or electric charge as if I didn’t even out the key in. I...
  11. DURATEC Performance (2008-2011)
    Hi guys, yesterday I got engine lights on so I checked the engine en I noticed that this hose was disconnected. What is this hose for and is that a problem that its disconnected? I connected again but now I'm wondering what the problem is. My car also uses too much engine oil. I don't know what...
  12. General Technical Chat
    I have a Focus 2004 first gen which needs a service (over due). The oil ive been using is Mobil Super 3000. Theres been no issues with that (the 3-4 times that ive topped it up). I know they say go by the manual or as long as it meets specs. Are there any mechanics on here that work for Ford...
  13. Car Audio, SYNC, MyFord Touch & Electronics
    Its been 3 days since my sync3 has been completely blacked out. Initially there were issues with connecting phone via bluetooth. After rebooting my phone, it got reconnected to SYNC however SYNC blanked out in few minutes and then never turned on. Currently my radio, navigation, bluetooth...
  14. Noob

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1-15 of 32 Results