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  1. Wheels & Tires
    Hi, wondering if anyone has encountered this problem. I have a Ford Focus ecoboost 1 litre September 2018 plate. Need new tyres putting on only to discover the tyre size 195/65 R16 is very unusual and typically a van size tyre. Spoke to Ford directly as the only tyre company that supply these...
  2. Wheels & Tires
    Anyone have suggestions for some aftermarket 17'inch wheels that would go fittingly with my car? I'm into the old school rally wheels and the stereotypical "tuner wheels but my car isn't exactly rally or tuner looking. (P.S side skirt and front passenger are being replaced soon)
  3. New Members Check In!
    Hi, my name is Merton and I have a Ford Focus Titanium 2.0L of the year 2018, I have seen that this forum is very complete, I am here to learn from all of you and help as much as possible. Great site…! Best regards
  4. MK3 Interior Mods & Upgrades
    Dear All, I have a few questions because I have an "AM5T-14D358-DJ module" in my FF3 -2011. It has a FAKRA socket for camera connection, I would like to bypass the camera module and connect a basic Chinese camera. However, I don't know where I can get the files that will allow this...
  5. MK3 Focus
    Hello everyone, Sorry in advance for my bad english, So i bought this 2014 focus Titanium 2.0 a year ago as i’m a volunteer doctor in africa i needed a car that will be reliable and help me with my work but i guess i did the wrong choice aside from some transmission problems ,i have this oil...
  6. MK3 Focus
    Hello all, so I will start off by saying I have done ALOT of research on the focus transmission issues. I haven't found anything recent however, and am reaching out to see if there are any new ways/methods or developments in fixing this issue. So I recently purchased a 2013 focus SE 1 owner with...
  7. Ford Focus Builds & General Showroom
    Hello, im currently looking for ideas on engine swapping my 2012 Focus SE and have considered trying to source a 5.0L Coyote with a manual transmission but am wondering if there are any other possibilities for engine swaps. Ik trying to keep a ford setup in it.
  8. MK3 Focus
    anyone know how SS tuning is doing? i hope they are alright. i know their last post was on Feb 25th on all platforms. i just hope nothing happened to them or their shop. i would hate to lose that company as they've contributed a TON to the focus world. and i was really looking forward to their...
  9. Want To Buy
    I’m looking to buy an SVT front bumper in fairly good condition. The SVT I’m restoring has the front bumper too damaged to repair, so hopefully someone has one in a lot better shape. Let me know what you have and show me pics and we can negotiate.
    $250 USD
  10. MK3 Focus
    Hello I have decided to create this post as I already ran out of ideas how to fix my problem with not working front wipers in my ford focus mk3 2012 1.6 tdci. They stopped working about 1 month ago and seem to be dead from the electrical perspective. The rear wiper and front sprayer work. I...
  11. General Technical Chat
    I hate to ask seemingly stupid questions, but googling isn't giving me much clarity. I found the following flywheel on ebay, used, for $185 and want to know if it will fit my 2014 SE 2.0L sedan that I'm converting to a manual. The listing says it fits a 2012-2014 Focus, but does the trim level...
  12. MK3 Focus
    Good morning, I noticed a small leak on the underside of the car, almost in the middle of the car. It looks like it comes from that part of the photo. Does anyone know what part this is? If it's the brake or fuel line and if it's simple, I'll solve it myself???
  13. Engine & Transmission Swap
    Hey! New here, new focus owner and my english isnt perfect. But i try my best here. I just bought 2009 ford focus, engine is 2.0l tdci with automatic gearbox. (drowed about 250000km) Only 2 weeks later and about 1000km that i drived. Suddenly car stops moving in highway. I drove on the side...
  14. MK2 Focus
    I got a problem with the driver side door latch, it closes normally but just makes a little clunk sound and I tried re aligning the door but no luck. I also tried WD40 so don’t know what would be best.
  15. MK3 Focus
    I don't know if this is really a Focus-specific issue, but I have a 2013 Ford Focus SE. Recently it has been refusing to start some mornings due to a dead battery. This issue began a couple weeks ago. About a month ago we had replaced the battery with a new battery. The old battery negative...
  16. General Technical Chat
    Hello guys. As usual i started to drive on my way. But after couple minutes i heard some kind of noise from the left under the hood. I pulled over immediately. But when i wanna start to go again i turned DRIVE POSITION and release the pedal and car wasn't go. I tried R POSITION thats the same...
  17. New Members Check In!
    I want to say hi and hope you guys can help me with a 2002 Focus SVT in Sonic Blue I just bought and plan on building it back to factory. Currently in the process of getting it shipped from Michigan to Texas. This will be my second Focus SVT. My first one was a 2002 silver 3 door that I only had...
1-17 of 257 Results