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  1. FFW.jpg

    Lady in red taking a sunbath. Ps. I know tinted headlights are not a good idea, jun did it for the pic.
  2. MK3 Interior Mods & Upgrades
    Hey everyone, as we all know the automatic in the focus SUCKS. Anyone know what to do to make it shift better and be a little more responsive? Like it just switching from first to second is trash. If I wanna do a manual swap I’m going to wait a bit til I do it. Thanks!
  3. MK3 Interior Mods & Upgrades
    Hey everyone. I have a 2015 Focus S 2.0L. I wanna try to at least touch 200hp on it. It’s fun to drive but I need some more power in it. I wanna try to get CARB legal parts cuz Cali emissions is a pain. Any recommendations on would I should do to it to get more power? Parts? I appreciate the help!
  4. Wheels & Tires
    Hey guys I’m new to the forums but I recently just purchased these Ford racing wheels but I can’t seem to find anything online about them spec wise or offset wise. They’re 17 inch 10 spoke if that makes any difference ty. Also if anyone has any recommendations on what lug nuts would fit a 2005...
  5. DURATEC Ti-VCT & EcoBoost Ti-VCT Parts (2012-Pres)
    Hey, I just got a 2015 2.0L and idk what mods I should do. It’s a little slow taking off. Any recommendations to make it a little quicker/responsive? I also don’t want to totally void the warranty lol.
1-5 of 6 Results