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  1. DURATEC Performance (2003-2007)
    I finally ordered my clutch kit. I got the Exedy OE Replacement clutch kit from FSwerks, including the pressure plate, flywheel, and clutch cover. I also ordered a new throwout bearing. This is for my 2.3L ZX3. My mechanic took it all apart and the car had a dual mass flywheel! The one in the...
  2. DURATEC Performance (2003-2007)
    I have posted stuff about clutches on here before, but I'm still a bit confused.. Mine is getting worse and worse, and within a few months I plan on dropping in a new one. How do I know what clutch to get? There are so many options, what stage is right and what material (organic, kevlar...
  3. DURATEC Performance (2003-2007)
    So my clutch has been getting progressively worse with slipping, I have been babying it so as to prolong its life, but I know this won't work forever. It's got 97,000 miles, and it's still the original clutch! I drive a 2.3L Duratec, any recommendations to a clutch kit to buy? Also, I have...
1-3 of 4 Results