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    Automatic 270,XXX miles 3rd owner Never wrecked Reliable and Dependable
  2. New Members Check In!
    Grounded in Mid-Missouri. 2000 Ford Focus SE Sedan (Auto.) A few basic pictures below. Would love to hear/see some interior and exterior visual/audio/performance modification ideas. More on the visual looks side then anything. Appreciate any and all comments and ideas! - Josh (Burbs1993)
  3. My 2000 Ford “Fuckus” SE Sedan

    Roughly 2 months after buying it. 2 paint coats on new front bumper. HEAVY detail (in/out) Wash and wax. Plasti-dipped wheels. New/Upgraded tires. Headlight restoration Custom headliner New battery Badges blacked out. New tail lights (bulbs) Aft.Mark. Carbon Fiber Antenna Radar Detector
  4. MK1 Focus
    I wanna put a wing on my wagon, I don't thing a big ol'l clasic wing would look good, more douchie. I saw a picture of a Mk3 wing someone used the extended tail and mounted the the wing selection over top and it looked really awesome! Is there anything you think that could work, I K ow where to...
  5. focus

    Painted rear bumper street appearance package look
  6. focus

    Painted front grill
  7. focus

    Painted rear bumper street appearance package look
  8. focus

    Painted front grill
1-10 of 10 Results