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  1. Making my 08 louder

    MK2 Focus
    So I recently just got a 2008 focus SE coupe and I'm looking to make it louder. I dont want it screaming loud, I would just like it to be heard. Ive looked around but I'm very new to online shopping for parts and I know it can be very hit or miss. So if someone could help me out a bit that would...
  2. Looking for exhaust and interior dash MK1-1.5

    Want To Buy
    I'm looking for a full cat back exhaust whether OEM or aftermarket that's not rusted together and a heat shield in reasonable condition with bolts, along side that I'm also seeking a mk1.5 dash with the crash support frame in reasonable condition I would prefer to find someone in the mid-west...
  3. Catalytic Converter Gaskets

    ZETEC Performance (2000-2004)
    I'm replacing my catalytic converter and having trouble figuring out which is the correct gasket between the exhaust manifold and the catalytic converter (cat inlet). I keep finding two types of gaskets. A round one like this...
  4. For Sale: OBX Header, 2.0L Zetec (unused)

    ZETEC, SVT & SPI Parts (2000-2004)
    Description: I bought this OBX Header for our team's Escort ZX2 race car, unfortunately the header does not clear the ZX2 oil pan design. This was a new header that we mocked up fitment only. It got a bit dirty from handling it, but has never been used and includes new gaskets. 1.5" Primaries...
  5. WTB Stock SVT exhaust/muffler

    Want To Buy
    Hello, I am looking for just the rear-most section of the OEM exhaust, since the previous owner installed/welded this horrible canister muffler. Anyone with a stock muffler, please PM me. I am located in North County San Diego, CA. 92126. Thanks![thumb]
  6. 2007 ZX5 Catback Exhaust

    Want To Buy
    Looking for an FSWERKS street or race catback system for my 07 ZX5.
  7. 2003 Ford Focus SVT - $5000 (MA)

    Vehicles For Sale
    No longer for sale. Keeping it. Mods close this up. Thanks! New Price! $3700 OBO Car: 2003 Infra-Red 3 Door SVT Focus Location: Billerica, MA Asking Price: $5000 OBO - now $3700 Photos: Flickr locked me out of my account for some reason, so until I can get back in, I'm using Dropbox for...
  8. Red SVT Focus

    Red SVT Focus

    Picture taken in the hills of silicon valley
  9. Red SVT Focus

    Red SVT Focus

    02 SVT Focus
  10. Red SVT Focus

    Red SVT Focus

    Picture taken in the hills of silicon valley
  11. Recommend an exhaust.....

    Focus-Power Tuning
    Hi All I am looking for an exhaust system for my 1.8 Zetec, I have a budget of around £200 - £250 and am open to suggestions?? There are a few to choose from on ebay, but am a bit weary of these. Thanks for any suggestions, Foci out..!!
  12. Fake Dual Exhaust

    General Technical Chat
    I have a Magnaflow cat-back exhaust on my Focus right now, and I just put a new rear bumper on the car from a body kit I purchased, the way the bumper looks makes me want dual exhaust, or at least 2 exhaust tips sticking out.. I was wondering what would happen if I put a Y-pipe on the rear side...
  13. O2 Sensor Problem

    DURATEC Performance (2003-2007)
    So I recently installed a cheap (and I mean CHEAP!) cold air intake on my car. I found it online for around $60 and wanted to see if it made a big difference before I invested money in a quality intake. Well it did make a difference, the car runs great, just a few minor problems. Occasionally...
  14. Rusty Exhaust Tip!!!! Help

    MK1 Focus
    Hi all, I recently moved to Des Moines Iowa and experience the worst winter of my life. During the winter here, my car saw a lot of salt, sand, and snow. It has finally warmed up and I got a chance to look over my car and saw that my catback exhaust has rusted at the tip. It is the brand...
  15. FS Header + 2.5" exhaust afterthoughts........ and oil temperature

    DURATEC Performance (2003-2007)
    Installed the FSWERKS Header and 2.5" exhaust yesterday. Was a surprisingly easy installation. The most difficult point of the installation was getting the stock crap out. The book called for removing the valve cover as well as sliding the power steering reservoir to the side. There was no way I...
  16. Exhaust question!

    DURATEC Performance (2003-2007)
    I just ordered a brand new Magnaflow Cat-Back exhaust for my Focus! I can't wait to put it on, it comes with all hardware to clamp together and bolt on, does anyone know if I should just do it that way, or should I have it welded? I know it is more challenging to weld stainless, and I don't want...
  17. Catback decision.

    ZETEC Performance (2000-2004)
    [wave] so ive been shoping around for some catback systems. and what ive found are: 1. H.K.S hi power exhaust. 55mm. tubing. 96mm tip. fartcan style ~$450 2. B.B.P catback system. 2.25in. tubing. 4.5in. tip - just like lunchbox delete exit. ~$200 3. OBX type R catback exhaust. 2.25 tubing. 4in...
  18. new old van help

    General Technical Chat
    real quick question, I just got a 1997 GMC van with a 5.7 ltr. I want to make it sound cool but i don't want to put any real money in to it. I was thinking about doing a muffler delete, and just welding in a pipe, is the loss of back pressure going to kill my torque? I am going to keep both...
  19. Removable mods- to get around that warranty issue

    DURATEC Performance (2003-2007)
    So I have a rather moderate plan for modding my new focus laid out, but I put it on hold due to concerns about voiding the warranty. I had wanted a 2.5" exhaust, a new intake, and a lowering kit. And they might all still happen one day- the turbo is in the distant future as well. But that day...
  20. what would you do first?

    DURATEC Performance (2008-2011)
    My car is pretty much stock but i would like to do these mods/improvements: - CAI - Suspension - Header - Exhaust What would you recommend doing first? My car is an automatic unfortunately... does that make a difference on my options as far as performance parts go? or will it still work out...