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  1. MK1 Focus
    So im gonna start posting my Ecoboost journey in this forum , join in on the chat if you have questions or input. So the car is a 2006 focus zx3 2.0 duratec. The engine being installed is from a 2014 escape 2.0T. Alot has been done to the car already. About me , I work as an automotive...
  2. MK3 Focus
    Hi all, hoping to find some advice for my 63 plate Mk3 Zetec 1.0 ecoboost Focus. The car’s had a musty smell for a year or so, and it was being used by a family member so never realised. When I got it back I had a look under the carpets and in the boot well... car full of moisture and water...
  3. MK3 Focus
    Hey guys I’ve upgraded from mk2 to 2017 mk3 1.5 EcoBoost, I’ve few questions and can anyone recommend a place for right hand drive interior carbon fiber trims, I’ve found site awdmods witch have a lot of options, but kind of of certain If Rs and St parts will fit also any recommendations on...
1-3 of 4 Results