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  1. Bought an 02 svt 3 door for 400

    Focus SVT
    So my buddy blew the motor in his 02 windowed the block snapped the timing belt so its fubar. What direction should I go? Should I find an EcoBoost and an mtx? Or should I find a duratec and boost it? The car itself is pristine for the year and it had around 130k when it went. Just looking for...
  2. My Soon To Be 05 ZX3 Build

    DURATEC Performance (2003-2007)
    My current wish list that im slowly but surely gonna build up. Massivespeed Purple Oil Cap Massivespeed EGR Delete kit Massivespeed Front Strut Tower Brace Massivespeed Rear Shock Tower Brace Massivespeed Adjustable End Links Massivespeed Light Pulley System FSwerks Variable Exhaust Cutout Ebay...
  3. DURATEC 2.0 PZEV / Can modified stock components be comparable to aftermarket bolt-ons?

    DURATEC Performance (2003-2007)
    I've been doing research on multiple forums and testing out theories myself but I've come to the conclusion that ford designed the duratec platform to be dependable on power output and pretty much regulates it's power through restrictions throughout the system. From the tip of stock snorkel...
  4. 03 Focus Duratec

    03 Focus Duratec

    This was my very first car and still is my favorite car to drive. During high school I attempted to kill it many times but failed in all. Since then it has been used as a unique build in everytown I've lived in and still turns heads when I give it gas.
  5. WTB FSWerks Header and/or 2.5 flex pipe

    Want To Buy
    I'm looking for an FSWerks header for a Duratec 2.3/2.5 and the flex to go with it. If you have a wideband too that would be cool. EDIT: I already purchased the items in question. No longer needed.
  6. wtb duratec zx3 turbo kit

    Want To Buy
    in search of a focus zx3 turbo kit for the 2.0 duratec, located in sacramento but can pay for shipping want some prices needs to be a full kit, i have a sct x4 so don’t need that part but the rest will be needed if it’s fswerks, also first post!
  7. For Sale: 05 ZX3 Track Car - $5,000 with options avail

    Vehicles For Sale
    VEHICLE IS SOLD: 2005 Focus ZX3 Track Car Complete (formerly raced SCCA Super Touring STU)
  8. Duratec 2.0L connecting rod bearing

    DURATEC Parts (2003-2011)
    SOLD thanks to Hughesy27 Hi, according to the Buy-Sell-Trade area rules: a.For Sale: set of 4 Clevite H series rod bearing for Duratec 2.0L engine; b.Send from: Canada, Quebec; c.Asking price: 50$ + shipping d. e. contact: Jean Sebastien Vaillancourt aka JSV; f. contact me by PM. now the...
  9. 2003 Ford Focus 2.3L 2500 obo

    Vehicles For Sale
    123xxxk miles Pros: New clutch (roughly 13k miles old) CAI (california legal) SVT Full suspension kit (just installed around 123k miles) Nice induction noise from the CAI Pioneer AM/FM receiver (nice sound) Cons: Wheels need to be replaced (two are very slightly bent) Check engine light is on...
  10. duratec vs. zetec

    DURATEC Performance (2003-2007)
    hey, I sold my 2002 focus zts with a 2.0 dohc zetec. it had some mods like a exhaust, ca intake, adjusable cam gears and a short throw. i bought a 2006 focus zx3 with the 2.0 duratec,(stock) i beleive it has more power than the modded zetec, any input? also the new focus doesnt have a tach would...
  11. Jgrove's ST Boost Build

    General Forced Induction
    Final numbers on page 7. Pics and vids from McNews on page 8. Well I thought I'd start a build thread for my boost project. I will use this thread to document my progress, ask questions, answer questions, etc. I don't mind criticism or advice but I don't want to turn this into a flaming thread...
  12. Duratec manifold spotters guide.

    DURATEC Performance (2008-2011)
    OK, during my engine build for 2010 I needed to retain a stock Intake Manifold for class rules, so I ended up looking at alot of stock IM's used on various DURATEC engines and this is what I have learned. First off, all of the DURATEC Manifolds for FWD vehicles are black plastic. Only the...
  13. My D23 Engine Build for 2011 race season.

    DURATEC Performance (2008-2011)
    OK Fanatics, its time to start building my new engine for the 2010 racing season. [popcorn] Last year I qualified for an SCCA competition license, and ran in two highly modified classes with basically a stock D23. This was because I had swapped a D23 into my 05 ZX3 and added rear discs, so I...
  14. Ittttt's clutch time!

    DURATEC Performance (2003-2007)
    So my clutch has been getting progressively worse with slipping, I have been babying it so as to prolong its life, but I know this won't work forever. It's got 97,000 miles, and it's still the original clutch! I drive a 2.3L Duratec, any recommendations to a clutch kit to buy? Also, I have...
  15. Duratec Turbocharger Kit Information

    General Forced Induction
    Many people want to know what turbo options are available for the Duratec Focus, so here is all the unbiased information you need about the kits that are out there. FSWerks (Focussport) Duratec Turbo Kit Information -FSWerks is now a Garrett Certified Kit Manufacturer. Only...
  16. What device should I use?

    Focus Tuning Chat
    Hello all, I've recently kicked over 44,000 on my 07 ZX3 Focus, and realized I want to get more power from the thing. I've been reading the forums for a week straight, and see that I probably want to start with CAI, exhaust, and a tune as the first steps. My question is - what tune device...
  17. HTPerformance SVT to D23 Swap Journal

    Engine & Transmission Swap
    SO... some of you may know that HTP purchased the 2004 Wings West SEMA car that was used in the development and marketing of their WRC Replica kit. Many parts from that vehicle will be coming up for sale and the unmodified Duratec 2.3L drivetrain with only 7700 miles will be going into my...