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  1. 2012 Door installed in 2015, now says door ajar

    MK3 Focus
    Hi, I had a slightly damaged rear right door on my 2015 SE, and today installed a door assembly from a 2012. Everything was plug and play, but now even when the door is closed, the car thinks it's ajar. Anyone have an idea why? Thanks,
  2. Very Noisy Hatch Door

    General Technical Chat
    2001 ZX3 Ok, so my shocks have been blown for a while. And my car has been slamming off the bump stops every time I hit a bump, crack, etc. and all the banging has rattled my hatch door loose. When closed, I can grab the handle (from the outside) and tug on it and the door will move about 1/4...
  3. Adding heated mirrors...

    General Technical Chat
    A tree recently took out my driver side mirror, It was not a heated mirror. what would I have to do to put in a heated mirror? are the wires there for it? I need to replace the whole thing, I have taken the actual mirror off, all I have is two small plugs (with 2 metal prongs in each) Also...