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  1. New Members Check In!
    Grounded in Mid-Missouri. 2000 Ford Focus SE Sedan (Auto.) A few basic pictures below. Would love to hear/see some interior and exterior visual/audio/performance modification ideas. More on the visual looks side then anything. Appreciate any and all comments and ideas! - Josh (Burbs1993)
  2. MK3 Focus
    Been working on this roof rack for about a month and happy to finally say its done. Been hanging out with my Jetta buddy too much I think, he did something similar on his and gave me the idea. Based mine off of one I found on a Saab forum and really happy with the way it turned out. Got the...
  3. MK3 Focus
    Anybody painted the wing black on a stock se wing? Seen ST ones that look good but not sure if it’s worth it with the stock one.
  4. ZETEC Performance (2000-2004)
    hiya guys, my zx5 have the engine mounts pretty bad. I need to replace them, does any of u have a guide or video of how to do it? i need 2 know what kind of bushings or rubbers does it need.
1-4 of 4 Results