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  1. 2012+ AEM CAI unused and in box!

    DURATEC Ti-VCT & EcoBoost Ti-VCT Parts (2012-Pres)
    Bought an AEM cold air intake late last year off eBay from an independent seller. About three weeks after I got it, AEM themselves sent me a whole 'nother unit. I've been sitting on it for a while waiting for either the eBay seller or AEM themselves to contact me asking for it, however I haven't...
  2. cold air

    cold air

    new spyder cold air intake
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    Modded Intake
  4. CAI Issue!

    DURATEC Performance (2003-2007)
    I have the PZEV 2.3L Duratec, and my check engine light is on. I had bought a cheapo cold air intake, and when I had the codes read all 3 of my O2 sensors were throwing a code. I just upgraded to the FSWerks Cool-Flo and reset everything by pulling the battery cables and what not and the light...
  5. O2 Sensor Problem

    DURATEC Performance (2003-2007)
    So I recently installed a cheap (and I mean CHEAP!) cold air intake on my car. I found it online for around $60 and wanted to see if it made a big difference before I invested money in a quality intake. Well it did make a difference, the car runs great, just a few minor problems. Occasionally...
  6. Cold Air Intake

    ZETEC Performance (2000-2004)
    I currently have a an Injen CAI on my 01 ford focus Unfortunately the CAI is for 1999-2000 models so it doesn't fit properly with my stock airbox and rattles a little. Am i not getting as much power as i could? I was thinking about getting the AEM cold air intake so that it would get air from...
  7. Basic Bolt-ons: Intakes and Induction

    DURATEC Performance (2008-2011)
    One of the first aftermarket parts folks like to install on their cars are aftermarket intakes. An aftermarket intake in most cases removes the stock airbox and replaces it with more of a free flowing setup. In this Topic I will go over what kind of intakes are out there and the pros and cons of...