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  1. 2010 Focus Wrench icon Light / Throttle Control/Transmission - Powertrain fault

    MK2 Focus
    I have a 2010 Ford Focus and it has the wrench icon light that pops on the dash. According to the owners manual, its a throttle control /transmission / powertrain fault that has been detected. This light appears a couple minutes after i drive, it does that since i bought it last mouth and the...
  2. Major car problems 2003 Focus 2.3 AT 145xxx please help

    General Technical Chat
    Ive had this car for a little over a year. The problems all started with a rough idle. I changed the spark plugs and when changing them the first time one was drenched in oil. changed the valve cover gasket, that fixed the oil in the SP wells. The second time i changed them (to nicer ones) i...