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  1. Focus ST
    Howdy everyone Wanting to know if changing the rear diffuser will allow fitment of a catback system with dual exit (suited to an 2019 ST) to fit on the ST Line model
  2. MK3 Focus
    For 2.0 Ford Focus Sport MK3 : i currently run a highflow catback with stock headers and the stock cats, im getting a 4-1 soon, what size of the rest of my exhaust pipings be? currently 2inches pipings all the way, and i wish to have a better response time with decent low end and high end. Im...
  3. Want To Buy
    Hello, I am looking for just the rear-most section of the OEM exhaust, since the previous owner installed/welded this horrible canister muffler. Anyone with a stock muffler, please PM me. I am located in North County San Diego, CA. 92126. Thanks![thumb]
  4. Want To Buy
    Looking for an FSWERKS street or race catback system for my 07 ZX5.
  5. MK1 Focus
    Hi all, I recently moved to Des Moines Iowa and experience the worst winter of my life. During the winter here, my car saw a lot of salt, sand, and snow. It has finally warmed up and I got a chance to look over my car and saw that my catback exhaust has rusted at the tip. It is the brand...
  6. DURATEC Performance (2003-2007)
    I just ordered a brand new Magnaflow Cat-Back exhaust for my Focus! I can't wait to put it on, it comes with all hardware to clamp together and bolt on, does anyone know if I should just do it that way, or should I have it welded? I know it is more challenging to weld stainless, and I don't want...
  7. ZETEC Performance (2000-2004)
    [wave] so ive been shoping around for some catback systems. and what ive found are: 1. H.K.S hi power exhaust. 55mm. tubing. 96mm tip. fartcan style ~$450 2. B.B.P catback system. 2.25in. tubing. 4.5in. tip - just like lunchbox delete exit. ~$200 3. OBX type R catback exhaust. 2.25 tubing. 4in...
  8. ZETEC Performance (2000-2004)
    Will a magnaflow from a 2000 focus sedan fit on my 2000 ZX3????
1-8 of 8 Results