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  1. Brakes & Suspension
    Used 2016 Focus ST calipers, brackets, and pads with Brand New Motorcraft 335mm rotors, still in boxes. Everything you need to upgrade the front brakes on any trim Ford Focus from 2012-2018 to the largest front brakes outside an RS. 17” wheels required.
    $100 USD
  2. Brakes, Suspension & Body Chassis
    When replacing all 4 rotors and pads, is it worthwhile to also replace my caliper bushings? And other than bleeding brakes, what other recommendations do you guys have for just a standard brake job? Favorite brand(s) for brake parts?
  3. MK1 Focus
    So I was bored and decide to paint my calipers and drums. I would suggest against white because of brake dust and it's little ricy on tiny stock brakes in my opinion. Go for black or gray. That's what I would do if I were to do it over again. Disclaimer: There is a small but nonzero chance...
1-3 of 5 Results