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  1. Front Brake kit on ford focus 2016?

    MK3 Focus
    I have a 2016 N/A ford focus SE that I have been slowly changing up throughout the ownership I'm starting to get into some serious parts gathering here and wondered if I could swap to a 2 piston caliper in the front say these, for...
  2. Brake Master Cylinder help.

    Brakes, Suspension & Body Chassis
    I can't seem to find anyone with an answer. Master Cylinder failed on my 2006 Ford Focus. I bought a new one from my local Napa and typically I always bench bleed my master cylinders. I keep reading everywhere how important it is to get all of the air out on these focus'. It does not have ABS...
  3. 03 Focus Sedan-Zetec Part Out - Some SVT parts!

    Vehicles For Parts
    delete post please
  4. How to: Paint Front Calipers

    MK1 Focus
    So I was bored and decide to paint my calipers and drums. I would suggest against white because of brake dust and it's little ricy on tiny stock brakes in my opinion. Go for black or gray. That's what I would do if I were to do it over again. Disclaimer: There is a small but nonzero chance...
  5. help my brake pedal feels loose.....

    General Technical Chat
    I haven't yet check it out but i want to get an idea on what to look for when i do. ok i will try to describe as best as posible. when i first begin to drive, brakes feel firm and car brakes fine. but when i go on to a drive way or a lot of bumps or even when i make sharp turns, brake pedal gets...
  6. Brake Problem

    General Technical Chat
    After replacing the pads and rotors on the front I ran into a problem. [scratch] Keep in mind i have not bled the brakes because i did not detach any brake lines. I also did not see any brake fluid leak from anywhere. The pedal would travel with no response until it was about 2 inches from the...
  7. Wheel bearings or ?

    Wheels & Tires
    My 2002 SE has 72000 miles. I just had major brake work done (brakes, new rotors, new rear cylinders) as well as new left wheel bearings (front and rear). It has started making a rapid thumping noise whenever I brake and turn (either right or left) at the same time. Is it likely that the...