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  1. Parts & Accessories
    Hey, I’m trying to replace my MAF sensor for my 03 focus and the 2 bolts are stripped. I still have to get them out and when I do I need to buy the new bolts for them. Anyone have any idea what the size would be for them?
  2. General Technical Chat
    Greetings, I stripped the threads while replacing my water pump (as part of timing belt/water pump service). I've helicoiled the threads. Now I'm trying to find new bolts. I've sourced m6-1 x14mm bolts, but the heads are 10mm instead of the original 8mm. Will that cause any issues? Or do I...
  3. DURATEC Performance (2003-2007)
    I own a 2007 focus SES 2 door hatchback. I've been struggling to find info on what size bolts hold in each ground wire to the body through the vehicle and where each ground can be found. Some ground bolts are rusted to the point I need to use special tools to remove old bolt, hopefully the bolt...
  4. General Technical Chat
    Hey, I just bought a 2005 Focus ZX3 and I'm experiencing the vibrations possibly related to bad engine mounts. I got the parts I needed and started getting to work on taking out the passenger side mount, when I noticed one of the bolt heads was sheered off, leaving just the stud. The bolt in...
1-4 of 5 Results