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  1. Mid West Fanatics $60 + tax + helmet rental if you don't have your own. The last event had a very small NA FWD class, one Yaris and one Focus, so I encourage everyone that can make it come out.[headbang]
  2. Autocross Racing
    some of you may know i picked up a honda awhile back. i had the day off today picked up a hood yesterday from a local guy because mines shot. figured i would have a little fun and use chalkboard paint on it so i could write my times down on the hood and compare with my co driver. so here are the...
  3. Fanatics: AL, TN, GA
    This weekend Six Flags GO AND RACE I won't be there, I'm just trying to get you kids into a type of racing the fofo is good at!
1-3 of 3 Results