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  1. MK3 Interior Mods & Upgrades
    Hey everyone, as we all know the automatic in the focus SUCKS. Anyone know what to do to make it shift better and be a little more responsive? Like it just switching from first to second is trash. If I wanna do a manual swap I’m going to wait a bit til I do it. Thanks!
  2. Focus Tuning Chat
    Hi guys, Tom did my tune back in like September and I'm just getting to the review now. I hope this is the right place to do it. I have a 2016 Ford Focus Hatch SE that I got back in August of 2019. I got a 2016 because I thought all the problems were gone but I was wrong. After driving the car...
  3. Focus Tuning Chat
    i bought a sf flash tuner for my 2000 ford focus zx3 2.0 zetec... Its pretty self explanitory but my car is shifting hard now.... is this normal??? it has some settings about shift pressure if im not mistaken but idk the optimal pressure??? can anybody help me??? and whats the best other...
1-3 of 3 Results