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  1. MK3 Focus
    Hey I’ve got a (very) standard mk3 2011 focus and I’m trying to find what colour wires I need to tap into behind the head unit for my line level converter to get an amp and sub set up. Does anyone know what colours I’m after for the front speakers please?
  2. Car Audio, SYNC, MyFord Touch & Electronics
    Well i have purchased an Alpine PDX-F4 Amp, and i want to run it to my four door speakers because that would just be awesome. MY PROBLEM: The wiring for my doors are not straight wires. its wire then a pin system then wire to the speakers.. so i do not know how to wire the speaker wire...
  3. Car Audio, SYNC, MyFord Touch & Electronics
    Alright, I've had like 2 different threads going on about the same crap, and I've been meaning to post pics. So I've finally had a minute to consolidate it all into 1 thread. So here goes. My crappy Panasonic head unit that I cant wait to get rid of. My amp...Alpine MRV-F400 and finally...
  4. Car Audio, SYNC, MyFord Touch & Electronics
    Hey guys, I was hoping someone could help me find the right wire (color of the remote wire) that I can connect to in order to hook up my amplifier. I am not sure wich one that would be on the diagram. I have an 08' SES with audiophile. Thanks!
1-4 of 4 Results