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  1. Where can I find aftermarket tail lights for a 2017 sel?

    MK3 Focus
    I'm looking to get some aftermarket tail lights that are darker than the bright red oem tail lights for my 2017 Sel Sedan but all I can find are dark led lights from eBay for $400-$500 +$150 shipping from china. They are def nice and what I'm looking for as far as aesthetics go but I'd much...
  2. Aftermarket valve seat solutions?

    SPI Performance (2000-2004)
    After reading a bunch of really informative threads here, I feel like i need to do something about my 2000 SPI that hasn't dropped a valve seat... yet, and in this economy I want to save some money. Im due for a timing belt change soon and that would be a good time to do something about the...
  3. No aftermarket taillights for 2018 SE Sedan?

    MK3 Focus
    TL;DR, Does anyone make aftermarket tail lights for a 2018 SE Sedan? I got my 18 focus se sedan back in January and thought I'd start doing some basic cosmetic mods, but I've already run into a problem. Every aftermarket tail light set I find are only for the hatchback. The only set I've found...
  4. The Duel

    The Duel

    The Duel
  5. Steering Wheel..

    MK1 Interior Mods & Upgrades
    Looking for something like this: I know I would need a new hub but what else would I need and has anyone done something like this?
  6. Has anyone found an upgraded front axle nut??

    Wheels & Tires
    Hey guys. I'd really like to find upgraded 32mm front axle nuts for my Zetec axles. I'm not a fan of the multi ply steel nuts and their issues with loosening. Has anyone found an upgrade replacement? Idealy a one piece billet steel nut. Let me know, thanks!!