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  1. A/C Low Pressure Port mod possibilities

    General Technical Chat
    I've looked around and haven't seen anything on this, so I thought I'd put it out there. The Low Pressure port for the A/C on my Focus is a PAIN to get to. I hate that I have to partially disassemble the wheel well to access it. So that got me thinking: Would it be feasible to modify it with...
  2. help with charging the A/C

    General Technical Chat
    Hey everyone, I know that this is the place to come for focus Qs. I have got so much great info from everyone on here before. Now i have another..... How do i charge the A/C system on my girlfriends 2000 ZX4? where are the ports that im looking for? Also I drive a 2001 ZX3 is the ports in the...
  3. Recharging A/C with R-134A SVTF

    General Technical Chat
    Hi guys, I searched a lot and didn't find anything for the SVT, just regular zx3. Please help!!! I am trying to see if it possible to recharge the frion(?) with R-134A on the SVTF or whether you have to have a mechanic do that. I couldn't find the correct valve to refill/check pressure. Is it...
  4. Weird AC problem

    General Technical Chat
    Last summer, my A/C started going out gradually. I assumed it needed to be charged but soon encountered more problems. The fan would only work if set to 1, 2 or 3...not on 4. Soon after, it would only work on 2...not on 1, 3 or 4. Of course, the A/C doesn't work at all anymore. Has anyone...
  5. No A/C after switch replacement

    General Technical Chat
    Hi, first of all I searched and couldn't find this specific problem. The problem is with a 2000 Focus ZX3. A couple weeks ago, I had the problem with the fan not blowing. After checking this board, I found it was a common problem and replaced the heater switch. I was pretty happy when I...