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2014 focus se sedan
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  1. Focus ST
    Hello Everyone! I am fairly new to this forum, but the Idea I been wanting to do is something I had for a few years now. My Ford Focus SE has been a wonderful car to me, and with its time, it has helped me learn how to drive and has gotten me through Highschool and is currently getting me...
  2. General Technical Chat
    About 3 weeks ago I was driving doing 40 mph when out of nowhere my car began to buck like it was loosing power, my rpms dropped, the “engine fault service now” light came on, and I had to slowly pull my car into a lot. When I did I shut my car off and waited a few minutes before turning it back...
  3. 2014_Focus_12

    2014 Focus SE Sedan
1-3 of 3 Results