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  1. 883022_10152603625790587_987224037_o

    the (almost) finished product!
  2. 859092_10152599501335587_408057861_o

    Addition of the offset stripe
  3. 858025_10152594759835587_359197545_o

    Freshly added LaminX fog light tint!
  4. 830437_10152552673200587_973300583_o

    We made a new friend! Great night of cruising with a MS3
  5. 77029_534277463266351_1713887927_n

    The day of purchase! Dec. 14, 2012
  6. 265056_10152424404545587_1506451233_n

    Great night of cruising!
  7. 306270_10152618101825587_488704728_n

    My fofo as it sits today!
  8. 183873_10152529252885587_1793804865_n

    New car and old car together!
  9. 1011169_4364418686901_368162831_n

    Heading to the airport to go back to Cali for more training. Wheels freshly painted black.
1-11 of 11 Results