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  1. Flipping my Focus

    General Technical Chat
    Hi, I have a Focus Titanium 2018 and was wondering if it would be possible to install an ST front and back bumper. The back bumper being more important because I want to install a new exhaust as well.
  2. Super coils

    Super coils

    Good buy!! Accel Part # 140505
  3. Focus


    A sad SES I found at a junkyard in MN
  4. Elly


    Thats my dog
  5. Bleachers


  6. black n yellow

    black n yellow

    I was driving around and thought hum... that'll look cool
  7. A-10


    A-10 and me right before night
  8. First race with new 213WHP NA Engine

    Road Racing & Rally
    First race with new 213WHP NA Engine [popcorn] This is a bitter sweet video. My first event with a freshly built highly modified engine (read more here >> <<) turned out to be a weekend of frustrating ECU calibration issues. [:(]...