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  1. General Technical Chat
    Hi Guys, wondering if you guys have had any experience with this issue/weirdness before. Basically a couple weeks ago as I started the car up in the freezing cold, the airbag warning light came on and wouldnt go away. I did an entire drive to Asda and back and it was on the whole time, the next...
  2. Show-off no 15

    Yep, everything is ok - no kids back there. :-D
  3. Show-off no 12

    When it's standard, clearance is no problem.
  4. Show-off no 13

  5. Show-off no 14

    190 km/t or 118 mph clocked at actual driving.
  6. Show-off no 11

    A rare situation. A Focus-owner prefers driving his machine.
  7. Show-off no 10

    If you're into booties, Focus will not disappoint you.
  8. Show-off no 7

    What a joy to have this look every time I go for a ride.
  9. Show-off no 8

    You never saw an engine this way before.
  10. Show-off no 9

    I should chrome a bit around, but at least I keep it clean.
  11. Show-off no 6

    Focus from a distance.
  12. Show-off no 5

    Avoid noticing the missing fog lights. I count on a later install.
  13. Show-off no 3

    Trend interior
  14. Show-off no 4

    1.6 Durateq 100 HP 150 Nm
  15. Show-off no 2

    I think it looks nice in a standard Trend trim.
  16. Show-off no 1

    It looks much better than any lawn-mover I know.
1-16 of 16 Results