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03 ztw

  1. Focus ZTW suggestions

    MK1 Focus
    I wanna put a wing on my wagon, I don't thing a big ol'l clasic wing would look good, more douchie. I saw a picture of a Mk3 wing someone used the extended tail and mounted the the wing selection over top and it looked really awesome! Is there anything you think that could work, I K ow where to...
  2. 2003 ZTW spoiler?

    MK1 Focus
    I've been looking for a spoiler for my wagon but I am not a fan of the lip style, is there any other options for something like the attached photo for a wagon? Dosent have to be the same style just anything similer.
  3. Scan_Pic0006


    Back when I bought this car, I wanted to play with it. Threw on Powerslots (didn't last as long as I hoped) and stainless lines (also failed). I wanted to have a built "RS" wagon. Now it's just transportation. Oh well.