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  1. My Focus

    Engine bay, probably 65% complete
  2. My Focus

    Repainted engine bay, still more to go
  3. My Focus

    Fuse box cover repainted
  4. My Focus

    these things repainted
  5. My Focus

    wiper fluid cover
  6. My Focus

    rocker cover with hose covering repainted
  7. My Focus

    battery cover
  8. My Focus

    wiper fluid hose
  9. My Focus

    hood rod
  10. My Focus

  11. My Focus

    Engine coolant cover
  12. My Focus

  13. My focus

    repainted engine components
  14. My Focus

    new head lights
  15. My Focus

    Front seats
  16. My Focus

    stering wheel cover
  17. My Focus

    drivers side
  18. My focus

    head rest covers
  19. My focus

    seat covers
1-19 of 19 Results