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  1. Focus ST Front Brakes

    Brakes & Suspension
    i figured as much but cant hurt to ask.
  2. So close to being done with my SEL

    MK3 Focus
    Nice job Bro. you got before pictures?
  3. Timing Belt or Chain?

    DURATEC Performance (2003-2007)
  4. heavy oil smoke 2.3

    General Technical Chat
    THIS x1000 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  5. Focus ST Front Brakes

    Brakes & Suspension
    hey @pasta these fit a 2005 non-st zx3?
  6. If you haven't heard, this is NOT good...

    General Car Chat Lounge
    I'm surprised they didn't come after PDI before now, they came after the other BIG MFG of Semi performance parts the defeated or worked around EPA regs (Pittsburgh Power). EPA also went after Edge Products (does pickup Diesel related) in recent years and a number of others....
  7. '05 Focus st, cd silver w/ 99,700 miles for sale

    Vehicles For Sale
    GLWS. THIS IS A STEAL... Bruce hasn't scrimpted on anything on this car. I wish I had the cash, it would have already been mine... No... you cant sell Felix.
  8. I am pretty sure I Killed it

    DURATEC Performance (2003-2007)
    and do you have metal shaving in the oil pan from stripping the cam???? IF you do, you have ALOT more issues on your hands.
  9. I am pretty sure I Killed it

    DURATEC Performance (2003-2007)
    so wheres the pictures of the stripped cam your claiming? and pictures of the chain would be handy also. id throw in a used low mileage 2.3 and sell what you can from the 2.0 motor and call it a day.
  10. I am pretty sure I Killed it

    DURATEC Performance (2003-2007)
    overheating a motor isnt gonna make the exhaust valves hit the pistons, something else happened, id love to see the pictures of the stripped cams and the chain and the gear on the crankshaft.
  11. '05 Duratec , Stutter, relays clicking and codes

    MK1 Focus
    Mystery continues. cleaned my grounds, battery tests good, cleared codes. now I get the mystery relay chatter at startup for a few seconds and goes away, no radio power at all, Fuses check good, drove around town today for work, come home , no codes from todays driving (less than 20 miles)...
  12. '05 Duratec , Stutter, relays clicking and codes

    MK1 Focus
    Rail pressure according to ForScan in live mode is 38PSI (267kPa) at idle to 41 at around 2k RPM (287kPa) with the spare Fuel Pump Driver Module i swapped in tonight
  13. '05 Duratec , Stutter, relays clicking and codes

    MK1 Focus
    I got a 2005 Foci with a Duratec 2.0 with 128K on the clock. a week ago she started stuttering like you were putting your foot on the clutch and letting right off, and a relay rapidly clicking under the dash and the radio quit, did it a few times on the way home and got her home. NO CEL...
  14. 03 focus hot wheels edition??

    MK1 Focus
    a year or so back in northern Nevada , there was a complete set of seats from a hot wheels edition on craigslist, the car had been crashed, had a roll cage inside of it and was apparently used in some movie. seats were yellow and had hot wheels emblem stitched into the upper part of the seat...
  15. EGR / PCV delete

    DURATEC Performance (2008-2011)
    i wouldnt delete the PCV, my EGR is deleted via software tune but theres no inspection or smog check.
  16. ZX3 restoration on hold

    General Chat Lounge (Members Only)
    glad you and the animals are okay. Stuff can be replaced or rebuilt... Stay safe, focus on your family.
  17. Scantool app

    General Technical Chat
    Forscan is what i use. there is a free option with Forscan too works just as good as the paid version. havent looked at Fordsys. have you looked at Focccus??
  18. Easiest or best way to temporarily disable 2005 Focus and...

    MK1 Focus
    best solution is a Ravelco anti theft device. will be the best $$ you ever spent. your vehicle wont be going anywhere WITHOUT the plug. i got one on ALL my vehicles i own.
  19. Aftermarket Stereo Wiring Nightmare

    New Members Check In!
    i got a 2005 also, was the easiest upgrade to do, get the stereo installation kit at an auto parts store and use the plugs with pigtails to wire to the Kenwood harness (i also have a Kenwood deck in my focus). everything will be color-coded and should match the Kenwood harness for the most part.
  20. Driver signs when the Lower transmission mount fails ?

    MK2 Focus
    totally disagree, yes theres a bit of vibration from the poly mount but nothing major. i replaced both motor mounts with OEM and the lower Dogbone i did Massive. Love it. changed all 3 at 125k, not sure when they were changed before as i got the car at 120k on the clock.
1-20 of 215 Results