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  1. Many Parts for 2008-2011 Focus and more

    DURATEC Parts (2003-2011)
    Bump GLWS
  2. Lowering a mk2 sedan

    Brakes, Suspension & Body Chassis
    Massive Speed Systems makes a kit to adapt Mk 1 coilover setups to this chassis. You can also pull Mk 1 knuckles from the junkyard and swap them in and avoid shim kit. Love my 2011 hope you love your 09. It is kinda dismal as far as the aftermarket here in Mk 2 land but if you get creative and a...
  3. FOB reset

    MK2 Focus
    No confusion, just collaborating with fellow FOFO brochachos.
  4. FOB reset

    MK2 Focus
    If your in the US your a 1.5. Mk 2s were 08 thru 11 models
  5. FOB reset

    MK2 Focus
    Like i stated it was pertinent to mk 2s. The scan things for keys is interesting. Gonna be doing a tutorial on a custom key after one of my original ones broke. The plastic that the ring goes thru. Late November for they diy tutorial.
  6. Front sway bar shifted a bit to closer to driver side

    Brakes, Suspension & Body Chassis
    They are new Godspeed adjustable endlinks, since I am a few inches lowers than stock, I adjust them just a few mm shorter than stock. Made a huge difference on driving feedback. The endlinks feel great with no slop. Thanks for the feed back quickly, I appreciate it. Maybe I just need to do some...
  7. Front sway bar shifted a bit to closer to driver side

    Brakes, Suspension & Body Chassis
    So now I have a slight clunk when the bar reacts to road variance. Driving is not impacted just highly annoying sound. Does anyone have any trick to maybe recentering it, or at least to give additional clearance that hopefully doensnt require dropping the the subframe and loosening the sway bar...
  8. FOB reset

    MK2 Focus
    From what it seems like, yes. Ordering two tomorrow myself.
  9. FOB reset

    MK2 Focus
    Does anyone know the process to reset fobs on our mk2 generation (US). I keep finding conflicting info and that y'all will know best. Thanks and have a blessed evening FOFO community
  10. Various 2000 - 2004 Prothane Suspension Parts and Rear Shock Shims

    Brakes & Suspension
    If they are for sale still Tom can have everything minus the front control arm, if available.
  11. Bumper

    MK2 Focus
    I did the same but with texture black, looks good.
  12. F/S: Extreme Parts Cleanout

    MK1 Body Parts/Interior/Electronics & Acc. '00-'07
    About how much low did the cut rear springs give you?
  13. Valve Cover Gasket concerns

    MK2 Focus
    Thanks everyone. I did use the black RTV in the two spots. I already did the job and just took my time getting everything done and being overly paranoid about removing dirt outward. Mine was leaking in the center gasket area specifically around the cylinder temp sensor in the middle and it was...
  14. Valve Cover Gasket concerns

    MK2 Focus
    Noticed recently that I had a small bit of oil at the top of my valve cover where the boots are. Not enough to slosh about but just a dirty gross mess. No oil on plugs or boots when they are pulled every ten thousand miles (AR-103's installed). But by change a Fordtechmakuloco video circled into...
  15. 2 Bar Grille

    MK2 Focus
    Not sure why my phone is flipping the pics
  16. Air Oil Separator

    MK2 Focus
    Are there any thoughts on this. By that I mean is cleaning it and reinstalling it possibility. Is there way to bypass and go to an external or universal setup? What mileage should this be addressed (Abby is approaching 80k)? I am asking only because I posted in the tumble flaps thread and plan...
  17. Deleting the tumble flaps

    DURATEC Performance (2003-2007)
    Anybody who has taken off the their i/m do you know the size of the holes approximately, was thinking that the blind threaded inserts is a pretty good choice for filling those holes. I've looked at this thread a few times only because of the fear of potential failure of the flaps and the horror...
  18. 2 EAP wheels

    Wheels, Tires & Spacers
    ALL SOLD!!! Wish I had updated this while back......
  19. Anyone added extra reversing lights?

    MK2 Focus
    I am actually thinking about doing this with some flush mount LED foglights set low on the bumper so that you can see a bit further to the surrounding area. But that is project for down the road as I want to make other mods to the bumper first. Good luck with you build, Cheers as you say across...
  20. Most miles on a duratec!

    DURATEC Performance (2008-2011)
    2011 With 70k+ no issues other than a wrench light. Changed the that electronic piece at the bottom of the clutch pedal but the light came back the very next day, that was like two years in. Modded for the last 50k miles and never had a real issue. Battery went dead 3 years in but Florida heat...
1-20 of 115 Results