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  1. Baby News

    North West Fanatics
  2. Tom's Tune vs Randy's Tune; My Review

    General Forced Induction
    Great write up brother, I too can mirror these comments. I do not have the Grey Focus anymore as I have since traded it in and gone to the new ST. But the same holds true for me. The first few years Randy's tune was great for what I needed, I tuned with Tom and also had a great interaction...
  3. It happened...

    North West Fanatics
    Thanks for the welcome, but I have been here for
  4. What color is everyone's ST

    Focus ST
    not enough posts yet.
  5. new 2013 owner in the heartland

    Fanatics: AR, LA, MS, OK
    Welcome to FF.
  6. Mtx 75 transmission differences

    General Technical Chat
    The Zetec version of the Focus used the IB5 transmission.
  7. Duratec 2.3 failures?

    General Technical Chat
    The 2.3L is a great little engine. I never had a lick of problems with mine.
  8. Honest Question/Poll: Has Ford Customer Service helped you?

    MK3 Focus
    Yes you do not have a high enough post count. you need 30 to vote.
  9. ST sales numbers?

    Focus ST
    Depends on where you are in the country. People in the mid-west and east coast prefer automatic over manual, people on the west coast more prefer manual over auto. In my observation.
  10. Where are heated seat switches located?

    General Technical Chat
    That bezel just snaps in.
  11. Well today sucked..

    MK3 Focus
    Don't be to hard on yourself, hell I had my ST for two hours and scuffed a curb when pulling in to a parking spot. I was not used to the turn radius. Got to say my 05 turned tighter then this design does.
  12. ST RS wheels

    Wheels & Tires
    moved ya to wheels and tires section.
  13. Focus ST break in

    Focus ST
    You are the first person I have ever heard that did not like Germany.
  14. Any thoughts on oil

    General Car Chat Lounge
  15. What color is everyone's ST

    Focus ST
    done, but there are no black, white or silver bars sorry guys.
  16. Any thoughts on oil

    General Car Chat Lounge
    really!?!?! where did you hear that [confused]
  17. Focus ST break in

    Focus ST
    For the first 500 miles vary the speed after that fly down autobahn 3 or which ever is closest to you lol
  18. Wheels for an ST

    Wheels & Tires
    Moved ya Mike.
  19. Issues with tatcc1928

    Vendors, Dealers & Seller Reviews
    I had a similar situation happen to me, I bought a part from a Marine company. I put my address I am living at now, but when it was shipped they sent it to my old address that was in paypal, I contacted the company and was told "Oh well" so I contacted the people living at my old address and...
  20. Fuel leaking on 2012 focus hb se

    General Technical Chat
    Yes as long as it is under 36,000 miles the warranty is still valid.
1-20 of 230 Results