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  1. Heater selector really stiff, maybe broken.

    MK1 Focus Look at post #6 for a better pic. It has been 100% fixed since then. The door comes very close but not close enough to touch, it therfore cannot stick.
  2. Runs rough after too much Marvel Mystery Oil

    General Technical Chat
    Oversimplication to deny all problems can justify eating botoxin. The people with 'good experiences' will understand though. We now have the OP and post #30 telling what happened and why would they lie? I for one back in the '60s ran an old Bridgestone that had no injection pump on it and...
  3. What happen to FocusFanatics ???

    General Chat Lounge (Members Only)
  4. What happen to FocusFanatics ???

    General Chat Lounge (Members Only)
    I for one am already sick of all the extra moves I'm having to make to go where I want on this site now. It's obvious somebody is paying for more mouse clicks. You got me now opening up every single forum section to see what the latest thread was where before they could be quick scanned for each...
  5. If you haven't heard, this is NOT good...

    General Car Chat Lounge
    About a year ago several OEMs semi-ganged up together to put a court case in front of the copyright bureau court about the same thing, Kat or Deere was one of the lead plaintiffs. The issue was one of people changing the software and then the vehicles coming back with complaints and the OEMs...
  6. Focus pulling issue

    General Technical Chat
    Loose suspension parts that no alignment will fix.
  7. Ford Dual Clutch Transaxle (DCT) DPS6 Explained

    General Technical Chat
    Junk well explained still remains junk......................
  8. What happen to FocusFanatics ???

    General Chat Lounge (Members Only)
    'Premium membership will be available with reduced ads, but until then, let us know how we can best optimize our ad lay out for y'all.' Excuse me but aren't YOU supposed to be good enough at your jobs that you already know what optimization is wanted as vs. NEEDED (by you of course) there...
  9. What happen to FocusFanatics ???

    General Chat Lounge (Members Only)
    '...IF you hover over the flag, or if you click on the avatar to open up profile information.' Caps mine. We are the ones who clip steps short to increase the productivity of the greatest country in the world. I can't imagine why we would choose to add MORE steps to do what was already done...
  10. Global Volkswagen e-Golf sales reach 100,000 before launch of ID.3

    General Car Chat Lounge
  11. What happen to FocusFanatics ???

    General Chat Lounge (Members Only)
    I've hated the changes since my 2 Nissan sites went to exactly the same format several months ago. Obviously they are all owned by the same group. They just now learned to be able to copy/paste/delete long chunks of text to then manipulate them after like 6 months of complaining about it. Things...
  12. 2002 Duratec ranger can advance

    DURATEC Performance (2003-2007)
    Overlap not can move them until you hit valves to bend them, good luck with that.
  13. Battery died ☹️

    DURATEC Ti-VCT Performance (2012-Current)
    You likely left something on to run battery down.
  14. Main & Big end bearings Tightening Torque settings for Ford Focus 1.0 SCTi EcoBoost (2013)

    General Technical Chat
    Hey, you gave him numbers for front crank pulley and rear main seal holder, he needed the torques for the main caps and bottom end of rods. ?????? Not nearly the same thing at all. You also have something wrong in your steps there, you cannot go from 52 lbs. backward to 44 lbs., it being...
  15. Steering feedback (unstable)

    DURATEC Ti-VCT Performance (2012-Current)
    From what I've seen of many Philippine roads some of it will be the road surfaces there.
  16. 2007 Focus SE 2.0L - Squealing at mid RPM and above

    General Technical Chat
    While belt is off spin all pulleys by hand to see if you can find a bad bearing in one of them. The tensioner itself beyond just the roller can be bad too, spring gone south does not tension the belt enough then it makes noise. The pulleys too can build up dirt to lift belt up enough it makes...
  17. 03 SVT: Replacing Brake Line, Any Tips?

    Brakes, Suspension & Body Chassis
    Yes if they fit the line. I meant true copper only, there are people who think you can do that. Sorry about that. They didn't sell that type of line here in Texas auto parts stores at all when I was in parts. Maybe they do now. Probably a northern coastal thing due to steel line rusting...
  18. bad upper mount ?

    Focus SVT
    The bulge in pass side mount is OK and normal, you have lost the plastic cover over it. That mount can be bad and look perfect. The trans upper mount looks fine and you normally find crumbled rubber when they go bad, the slots molded into them are normal.
  19. 2007 Focus SE 2.0L - Squealing at mid RPM and above

    General Technical Chat
    Belt slipping or bearing making noise.
  20. Possible battery issue

    General Technical Chat
    '... the car died for about 5 seconds and then started up on its own again...' X2 the last post, that is impossible.
1-20 of 498 Results