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      I'm guessing you know I meant copper-nickel. I got this:

      It says it meets all SAE and ISO specifications.

      Is that no good for any car, or just for Focus SVTs in particular?
      I understand what you meant. Ive used NiCopp or CuNiFer copper-nickel brake line many times. The NiCopp is also sold at most parts stores in various straight lengths pre-flared with fittings installed. If you make you own flares just use this spec for 4.75mm (3/16") DIN/ISO bubble flares as a guide: flares6.pdf

      Standard fittings for 3/16" (4.75mm) bubble flare are 10 x 1.0mm but I have found that some Focus MC ports are 12 x 1.0mm so keep that in mind.

      BTW None of the fittings that come with the line kit you link to (above) will fit on your Focus which uses all metric brake line fittings.

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