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  • WilsonStaff ·
    Hi, good looking wagon. Remind me: that a Windstar rook rack that you have fitted onto your Focus? Any suggestions/advises for me? That looks a lot more cleaner than the hefty OEM Focus roof rack. Thanks!
    coldbear ·
    Whynot Sir. Have you changed out an output speed sensor on a 2001 ZT man. trans.? Much of a job? Where can I find a Tech. video? Thanks for the info. cb.
    mlbbaseball ·
    I will check to see if my car came w/ one. as long as i've been around these cars, i've NEVER known they've had a cabin air filter!
    1BlackST ·
    Hey it's Cindi Tommy fiance, I was wondering if you ever did any worked on Tommy's car the 2007 Focus ST, I just found out today I have to get a new clutch kit, and because all the stuff he did to it I have to have a high performance kit. I got one bid for over $1600.00 and I'm waiting for another one any suggestions on where I can go save some money. the bid for over $1600.00 is at Dynospeed and I'm waiting on one from Gateway.
    whynotthinkwhynot ·
    Yes I remember Tommy, I'm sorry to hear what happened to him, but I'll be glad to help you any way that I can. I don't even use the message system that much on here, but if you'll check your PM box, that's easiest. What you post here is visible to anyone who visits my box.
    1BlackST ·
    Hey Alex,
    my name is Cindi I was Tommy's fiance' I know he spoke to you several times regarding his 2007 Ford Focus ST, Tommy passed on 03/02/2012, I have his car now and kind of at a loss in more ways than one, mostly I'm not sure how to take care of this car I know there are all kinda special things he did to the car I remember most of what he told me but there are several I don't remember if there is any thing you can recall or if I need to take the car anywhere to have it looked over to make sure the K&N filter is clean and I have the Tune up thing for it but not sure how often that is to be done can you help me? I'm hoping you remember Tommy and his car.
    Thank you you may also remember him as TommyBlackST
    whynotthinkwhynot ·
    Well that's a new one, bummer on that. You'll need a new belt too. I'd also suggest checking those pulleys. Belts are like $50 or so, and pulleys are $8. The only thing that is more expensive than the belt is the tensioner. A new compressor and a charge is going to run you a good chunk of change though. You can unplug the LP switch and that will turn the idle and fan controls off- however, it won't save you from ripping the belt up.
    04CDsilverZx3 ·
    hey whats up! you commented on one of my threads about a possible noise that i thought was a bad power steering pump. i took my car to a mechanic and he checked it out and said its the ac compressor, doesn't work anymore. i don't think it's seized though because the belt is still spinning.But it feels as if the AC would be on the whole time, even the fan turns on.Which now makes sense because i was wondering why my fan would turn on even in the morning whenever i barely would turn my car on.
    whynotthinkwhynot ·
    No hotel room as of yet, but I am going. Right now I'm having to spend money on the car to get it road worthy. It might still look like crap, but will be safe to drive for 10 hrs or so.
    sailor ·
    Hey Bro, Got my motel info. for the "fest", - just gotta put enough in the bank to make a res. - hanging in there - how's it going for you?
    Djzx3 ·
    I know you don't own a D23, but your knollage of them is wanted, and since this is a D23 club only, the talk will be of the D23 only, so new knollage might grow in there between us all talking about them.
    whynotthinkwhynot ·
    LOL thanks anyway. You probably already gave me rep a long time ago. You have to give out rep to other people before you can give it to someone a second time. We did that because we had a few people who were misusing the original rep system.
    TommyBlackST ·
    hey alex this is tommy over in bartlett. i got those breaks and some new tires a couple of weeks ago. the car drives like new. sorta.
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