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  • Mumford ·
    hey ive been messaging the qbo44681 guy and the plan is to meet at
    1365 SR 42 NE, I-70 Exit 79
    London, OH 43140
    i should be ariving there about 12pm-1pm then from there is a little over 2 hrs to the rest stop location so im going to say once every one shows up we should roll out so we can make it there

    they will be meeting up there from 2pm-4pm i will message the guys about our location and ETA that way they dont leave without us lol
    dyn085 ·
    Well, I always run a few psi over the door jamb. I have always seen better performance, traction, mpg's, etc. with a very minimal sacrifice in ride comfort. I prefer a stiffer ride anyways; I can't stand a sluggish feel. The dealership had the N2 previously installed or I wouldn't have had it done. That being said, I'm actually really glad it's in. I've checked my tires quite often, and so far zero pressure loss. If it helps our gazillion dollar tires last a few more miles, I'm game.

    If you have air, try bumping it up to see what you think. Comfort is quite difficult to agree on. I like it, maybe you will also.
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