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  • Mnfocuszx3 ·
    I will do that.
    Thank you for your insight and help.

    Those who don't have all of the extra stuff are lucky. It can be a pain owning a pzev focus.
    You have one good looking focus btw. I've always liked those wheels.
    The one that donated its exhaust was stock but looks like yours.
    felixthecat ·
    Possibly just remove the pipe. Jump in the D-tech section & make a new thread to see what other ppl say, is what I'd do, Having a '05 I don't have all that stuff.
    felixthecat ·
    Yeh Brad, that was part of the oem shield which I carefully pulled apart, which was held together w/ tabs. IIRC it was 3 pieces. Of course I didn't need to use the rest of it using a fwerks header.
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