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  • FordFan1265 ·
    The member list shows #131 as vacant despite the fact I was given the number way back in 2011 and was pretty active through 2012 and into 2013... I may have been pretty inactive for a while afterwards, but I was never told I was given the boot or anything...

    Been active again for a few months now and was wondering... I haz my numberz back pleez? And possibly a hatch nation decal?

    Once I finish dealing with wedding expenses in the fall I will begin a mods list that will be worthy of re-activation...
    FordFan1265 ·
    Where can I get the Hatch Nation window decal? I remember seeing them for sale in my early days when I first joined in 2011. They had the hatch outline, and said Hatch Nation #000 (or whatever number you were).

    Also, I was given member #131... Isn't there a decal for that too? Like a bumper decal like a Saleen or Rousch has under the headlamp? I seem to remember one of those floating around too...

    Any help in the right direction is appreciated.
    katiekay ·
    I believe that I posted in the forum for requesting numbers there are 2, so I posted in both of those. I would like to become an official HN member, please reply, thanks.
    djohn ·
    Hey buddy. I just joined Hatch Nation yesterday. Just curious as to what number i am so I can put that info on my signature. thanks.
    mavtoy ·
    I like the looks of your car with the 15 in. wheels Ive got the same wheels in chrome 17in. I like the ones on your car better but your cars lowered that may have a lot to do with the look.
    fhh02a ·
    what tools did you have to use ---were they standard tool box tools and also how long did it take
    tukaniSVT ·
    For suspension:

    If you have the right tools it really isn't that bad. Having some extra help is good with this project. I had a friend who was quite a bit more knowledgable on this topic help me out. I do not know if there is a How-To ... but I can look for you.

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