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  • freemind ·
    I bought my ZX3 from you guys! I am in Fed Way. I go out to the far end of the Highlands at least once a week.
    Blivit ·
    Global spark is spark added after every adder and retard has been taken into account. It is spark added or taken away from your final spark calculation. IT IS spark advance just done in a different way. Spark advance is usually done based on load or rpm but global spark is done everywhere.

    Going from 91 to 92 octane in my opinion is pointless. Octane ratings are not accurate anyway so 91 could actually be 92...or even 90 etc. In general, increasing octane allows for more spark advance by 1 degree per octane level. Meaning 92 would tolerate 1 additional degree over 91. That is not a rule though.

    What FSW offers for thier tunes you would have to contact them on that.
    russmistro ·
    Yea if u cruise REALLY slow listen at about 3100rpms it sounds like vtec lol. Gotta be going super slow to hear it tho.
    mcrcracer ·
    No, I still have those tires just sitting around. As for the spindles/hubs I will let ya know if I hear of anything!
    Blivit ·
    If your egr is completely functioning and you do not need to remove it for any custom work then there really should be no need to remove it.

    It does not introduce unmetered air vs metered air.
    felixthecat ·
    Say mike, Could you tell me what benifit does having a EGR working or not? They say egr is unmetered air= mass air flow sensor, is going into the motor. thanx again!
    Blivit ·
    It depends because it is custom programmed. The temperature that the fan comes on will be whatever the dealer you buy the tune from sets it to. It typically gets lowered 10 or so degrees.
    _fifth_ ·
    Thank you! It's a great simple little thing that goes a long way. I've been hearing both sides about wheels or drop first. I've heard that it's better to get the wheels first to see how low you can take it.
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