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  • nutz4spd ·
    No, I haven't bought another wheel yet. I need to. Then again, I don't think anyone notices the curb rash.

    The 350 has the gas sipping 460 in it. The diesel version was the 7.3 which I would love to have at this point.
    nutz4spd ·
    Thanks Felix. That makes two of us! Unfortunately I bumped the curb not long after I bought it on the front left and scratched the edge of the rim. I got sooo mad...
    Habriant40 ·
    I bought some cheap lowering springs regrettably, looking to go for eibachs. currently runing cheap ebay springs on koni STR.T shocks. only -1.5" but bottoms out way too easily. I'm thinking to go for eibach -2.2" kit, but I'm worried about my daily being a rough rider. would you recommend sportline springs or proline?
    sailor ·
    Don't get the passel of mags I used to, so that one's not at hand.

    Hangin' in here, almost got through winter.
    slow_solo_focus ·
    not yet bruce. i follow them on their instagram but never got their magazine.

    if its a G-body special i may just order that one specifically haha
    gingerbreadrambo ·
    Hey Bruce, Thanks a lot. I am buying a SVT brake setup shortly in fact. Talking to a guy now, it will include front knuckles and all. I will definitely keep this in mind. Looking at the massive speed front and rear if the SVT doesn't come through. Awesome info thanks man.
    public hair ·
    I was in Chattanooga yesterday for chemo and the nurses were discussing the ramp up in traffic due to folks migrating. If your daughter runs into trouble my name is Brian Wynne and my number is 423-260-4320. If needed I can secure them a hotel room and if worse come to worse they can stay with us.
    Marklar134 ·
    well i still need to get it smogged every year so i dont think a header is super practical unless i put a cat in farther down stream and extend the O2s. im gonna hit the local pic a part this weekend to grab a few things, ill keep an eye out for an exhaust mani.
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