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  • Jnewman1 ·
    hey Felix i have a couple questions about big brake kits for a zx3. I talked to a baer representative and they said they have machined anchor brackets as well as the base brackets, Ii know i need SVT knuckles or I guess the 05's work too??? Im wondering what rotors and calipers I can use. anything helps
    Mnfocuszx3 ·
    The 05 only had the larger main section. But I like your idea. Ill need to make something work.

    The pump (or whatever it is)on the other end of that pipe going into the manifold, do i need to do anything to it? Or just remove the hose and leave it as is?
    Mnfocuszx3 ·
    I just looked at your pictures.
    Did you modify a piece of the shield to make that alternator shield or was that a stock piece?
    Mine is small. To me, it looks pretty pointless. Seeing yours, i may just take my old one and modify it similar to yours. I've have to change the alternator only 4 times since I've owned it. I suspect heat has something to do with it. The aftermarket ones are junk in my opinion. I have a stock one wait to go in if this one craps out or when i get everything else taken care of, which ever happens first.
    Pb-foot ·
    It sounds like Felix was YOUR cat all along, it just took someone else to start the ball rolling in the right direction. I really like those kind of stories... when people meet-up, or animals just show-up, by some odd circumstance. Some call it "coincidence", some call it "the power of love", some call it the "grace of God/Holy Spirit/Great Spirit/Gaia/etc". A lot of times people will end up happily married for life to a person they met in an odd, unintended way. That was a good-move on your part, to see what he needed and go with it... you got to share a lot of love and sweet times because of it. Good to know you keep them around. Cheers, to the good times!
    Pb-foot ·
    What will you do with Felix' remains? We put Mike and Anikan in the middle of the garden with a perennial herb planted on top. Yoda (Ani's elder and mentor) is buried near a bonfire clearing, on a friend's land, close to two of our dog's (Jiki and Ladybug). It's nice to say "hi" to them once in awhile while gardening... I sure miss Ani, he was a great garden-cat, used to catch and eat all the different little rodents that attack garden plants (Yoda was great that way, too).

    Got any good stories that come to mind about Felix?
    Wagon_Luv ·
    Ok, I think I found a set of 2005 only spindles, going to look at them tomorrow afternoon.
    guy had a pair of core spindles, and got new wheel bearings installed, then found they would not fit the struts on his 2006 hatchback.
    they have the same strut diameter as my 2002, and look to have the mounting ears to fit the SVT style calipers.
    a car nut ·
    Hey, Felix, Hello:

    Haven't been on the boards much as of late, working with others on remodeling the old family home, so I been too tired to do much of anything. Hope you're well and Happy Thanksgiving a bit early.

    You can always reach me at [email protected] Best wishes always, Dennis
    billkandi ·
    Kinda thought they may be. My ZX5 is an ATX, not sure what I may do with the SVT ones. Was easier to pop them out than to mess with the nut to separate them.
    a car nut ·

    Its finally been confirmed; I will be available to join you to go to the show Outside of Olympia WA on Friday. I appologize that I haven't responded sooner, but, until this AM I did not know how my schedule was going to work out.

    So, I will be in Tacoma, WA. Let me know how and where to meet up with you and others for the drive to Olympia.

    Best wishes always, looking forward to meeting a fellow Focus person.

    Sincerely yours,
    A car nut (Dennis)
    Thanacae ·
    Gotcha, alright. Sorry for the late reply! Been doing a lot of maintenance on the Focus lately. Intake and tires are my current goals now. Is it not possible to just grab some stand-alone parts instead of paying $130 for one of these intakes? For example, grabbing some tubing/a mounting tube for MAF, a filter, etc.? Thanks man, Peace!
    fishbait ·
    as it turns out the psm was fine im gladly wrong, however i still have to do the intake manifold i'm about to post to ask how to remove a weirdly connected cable on the throttle body.
    ThoR294 ·
    I see it. $841 - 150 so $691.

    If this was a super serious race car I'd do it. The $511 for the eibach kit looks like a win today :)
    ThoR294 ·
    I see this. but that is $950 after discount lol.

    Im thinking like $600 is my way upper limit. Eibach pro-system kit is right up my alley I think
    04SVTZX5 ·
    Hey Bruce, thanks for the heads up on the WG product. I will have to try some out. I never had the need to go with the heavy compounds from Menzerna for my corrections. They have changed their line names once again but my favorites for correction were the old PO83 Super Intensive Polish which is now the medium cut 2400. I would use either a Yellow or Orange LC country pad depending on how much cut or correction I needed. Always finished off with the old Final Finish 2 polish or PO85 with an orange and/or white LC pad. Now that is called the Final Polish 3000. I also use the one step Power Finish PO203 for removing light swirls and scratches if I don't feel like going with the twin compound and final finish steps. That is now known as Power Finish 2500. Back in the day I used the 3M Perfect It compounds and polishes but they were always quite dusty to work with and moved on. Anyway take care and talk soon.

    BradKPed ·
    Thanks man, I get so sick everytime I see one getting parted out or in the junkyard, especially when they're easily repairable.
    Black&Tan ·
    Thanks! Yeah I heard about the bottom corners. I really think focus forum members will appreciate it a lot more than the kids anyway.

    I've shipped Greyhound before and that's a great idea. Thanks, man!
    ChrissyL ·
    Yeah, been back to working full-time for several years, so don’t get to log on very often. Still rocking my FF NW Posse t-shirts and racking up the miles, tho.
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