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  • jkucukov ·
    Keep the updates coming man, 3.5 years later and I look back, good times. It was one of those right place at the right time moments, and we never got the trading score for it.
    My 2.0L Zetec, the engine those pistons came out of, hasn't seen the road in over 9 months now. Still garage kept and periodically started to make sure it doesn't seize.

    How many miles have you put on the engine so far?
    TheGlassMaker ·
    Yea pretty much got my ignition proplem fixed. I had a guy befriend me yesturday and his user name was d23 something or another and at first glance I thought it was you.
    RedComet ·
    Eh, it happens. No biggie. Like you said, connections were made, and that's the take-away. Gotta put together that local FoFo scene.
    viney266 ·
    Correct! If they are new their"rep" doesn't count..As mine counts more because its over 100..When I give rep it often goes up 2 points at once.
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