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  • Focus boy 64 ·
    Hey man, haven't been on here lately, but saw you were from around my area! I got a few friends with focuses and escorts modded that are gona try to get either a ford gtg or just focus and escort gtg soon. This way we can gtg and bs!
    Andrews-bad-SE ·
    lol nice man. I've always liked those duratec cars. My friend Randy has a Mazdaspeed 6, with the Duratec 2.3 but no turbo. It's the MZR motor, but it's N/A now.
    lildisco ·
    I sold my 2003 SE 5 speed manual zetec over a year ago. I'm rocking a 2008 Mazda CX7 AWD GT now. 2.3L turbo'd duratec,with everything i put into the focus. Much better car,but it's not even in the same category. I do miss the car from time to time, but then i hop in the CX7 and forgot about it, LOL
    lildisco ·
    Sorry andrew, there really isn't much of a focus scene up here. There's about 5 people typically get together a few times a year, but not too often. If you're looking for just a car scene in general, every sunday at quaker steak & lube in Sheffield , they have car shows but they show no focus love & prefer bondo'd beaters & ricers & muscle cars. There is also another qs&l in valley view that another group of people (forced fours) meet up, but you're not turbo'd or sc'd, so they may not let you hang out with them, but i don't know. I really have never been to any of their meets. Hope this helps!
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