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  • felixthecat ·
    Hi Steven, JTM after using rotary's for yrs & trying out a 3401, that really threw me off going the opposite direction, I went w/ the Boss 15. Using the boss 5.5'' pads which work awesome. I like their m/f pads w/ WG uber compound which really finishes out almost to a fine polish. I find it finishes out better then fg400. Try that combo w/ your P/C...
    charlie g ·
    funny you talk of pickups. I was the first owner of that blue v10 powered 05 SD super cab in town sporting the hemi this along with 10 burning 4 turning on the tail gate
    clay white in town did the pin striping and lettering
    hope we're still on for coffee Thursday am i'll bring my laptop that is loaded with shots of my toys and more
    04SVTZX5 ·
    Before I decided to get the 2015 ST I did look at the Fist. The Focus is the smallest I like to go with my cars. It was just too small for me. I have always driven large Ford pickups in years past so I don't like going smaller than the Focus. I like the way the Recaro's look in the Fost and Fist but just not my choice for comfort. I am mulling over the idea of moving my 2015 ST soon because I want to either get back into a Shelby(miss the power) or get a Focus RS. We shall see. Thanks Bruce.
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